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1690 NW 108 AVE, MIAMI, FL, 33172

We help you to design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, You choose the design, the shape, the size, You can make your island multilevel and together with the knowledge of our professionals, we create a unique outdoor life that can be enjoyed together to our family and friends.

The Outdoor kitchens are completely made to measure your specifications and design style.

We understand how important it is to have a high-quality outdoor living space that all people can enjoy, we love building your outdoor kitchen, but even more, we love the friendly atmosphere that a grill and a living area Outdoors can create instantly.

We also offer outdoor kitchen Appliances.

Tips to make your kitchen:

Call Higa Special Services and receive your advice and estimate for free
Extend your space.
Consider your environment.
Plan your design.
Choose your appliances.
Choose your materials like granite and stone.
Equip it with style.
Add a little lighting.




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